cas (iloveandroids) wrote in groooooooooovie,

ok here are the icons. after decressing their size they picture quality got sorta bad on this one
but not tooooo bad.

these were the pics you wanted me to use right! ok well i hope they dont suck toooo bad, if you dont like ill make other ones. serisoul just tell me.
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ohhhh shit!!!! hahahah there goes the dyslexia again! i spelled groooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovie wrong. F!
ill make a new one! spelled right next time. sorry chica
the spelling this is ok and thank you SOOOOO much, theyre awesome. you rule.
sorry i was on alannas name for a sec. also, i meant thing, not this
Woohoo those are awsome... haha it looks like I already posted even though I didn't.