Elle (tickle_me_green) wrote in groooooooooovie,

that's so not cool how someone deleted my post.
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hahah are you serisous... why would someone do that...?
cuz someones being a bioch. im just gunna post it again.
acctually im not going to, cuz this is stupid.
if you are going to ban me from a community i dont want your promotion of that community in my community. also, you deleted my comments. i think its all fair.
uhhh ohh...
haha that made me laugh
um devan im still part of this community.
i know. so?
It's our community. No deleting posts with out consulting me.
consulting is too hard. deal
devan.FYI your a self centered bitch.
i dont really wanna leave you a nasty comment because you were just at my house and we had a fun time, but i dont get it. like we both have been really nasty to each other online and then we see each other we're all nice. its messing with my mind.
FYI that was really harsh and really hurt my feelings but i dont think a nasty response would acomplish anything.
yeah, im sry i hurt your feelings & we did have an awesome time, BUT you need to get things strait about your community hun. be nice to lanna. you and her both SHARE it.
No, you deal. COnsult me or deal with being banned.
you cant ban me. i am maintainer. this is my community too. reply to me or i dont get this emailed to me.