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1. Name -- lauren aka laur
2. Age -- 16
3. Location -- east bum fuck (east longmeadow)
4. 10 favorite bands -- alkaline trio, stone temple pilots, greenday, blink 182, all american rejects, maroon 5, the miles fair, asob, franz ferdinand, pearl jam
5. 3 least favorite bands - creed, 50 cent, hilary duff
6. what would you do if you had an everlasting supply of duct-tape? make clothes for the rest of my life
7. pick something important to you and rant about it -- dude devan is the fuckin man... she makes me feel wicked smart... she got me started on lj and thats kool and im totally kissing ass rite now... and alanna rocks my fuckin socks... and devan if i was a guy ide bang u with a lil red lobster... because theyh are small and red and have no chance at life...
8. what would you do if you had 72 hours to live? have lots of straight hott sex
9. if you had to/could change your name what would you change it to? nina
10. promote to either 2 communities or 4 users.... hmmm
11.drug usage? cigarettes, alchohol but thats it i swear!
12. post at least 3 pictures that show what you look like, the more pictures the better, and variety is good.

my gangster pictures for devan eventhough im not like that at all... we can pretend

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