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Ap App...

Ahh you people are so groovie.

1. Name: xMarkobotx...Shay.
2. Age: 14
3. Location: Speirng..As.Springfuie..SPring..Springfield.
4. 10 favorite bands: ah jesus balloon..um...The Postal Service, ACDC, Thursday, The Faint, Death Cab, The Doors, Beastie Boys, Aerosmith, My Chemical Romance, and Portishead, The Tragically Hip, Billy Talent, Tom Petty, and Atticus Fault. Ok so that was more than ten.
5. 3 least favorite bands: bands?? they're not bands. britney spears, 50 cent, ......hilary duff.
6. what would you do if you had an everlasting supply of duct-tape? i would go around taping people together..and being like.."haha..how are you gonna masturbate now?"
7. pick something important to you and rant about (example: politics, gay marrige, abortion.. but those are overdone. suprise us) ranting isn't really my thing. soo i don't like ranting and everyone's like rant about this and i'm like no that's ok and they're like wow your lame and i'm like...ok.
8. what would you do if you had 72 hours to live? brush my teeth and try to catch the bus.
9. if you had to/could change your name what would you change it to?: Phil McCrevis. haha..no really.
10. promote to either 2 communities or 4 users:..i will, i promise.
11.drug usage? cigarettes.
12. post at least 3 pictures that show what you look like, the more pictures the better, and variety is good.

Yay pictures. This is the part I only kind of suck at. The first one's the most recent.

There's one

And this one cause Devan likes it.

And my so called scene hair.

This cool green one. Cause it's cool. Ahhh. So cool.

Me being an artsy motherfuck.

And again.

And I'm scene again...maybe.

Because blue jello is sex. Yes i know what it's made of, don't crush my dreams.

And I really like this picture.

There ya go.

Ps. I'm a man.
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